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cover of I Want to Be Free

I Want to Be Free(Putnam), with illustrations by E. B. Lewis.

Before I die, I want to be free. But the Big Man says, “You belong to me.” A runaway slave has broken the chains that bound him, but as he sets out for the land of the free, he still carries the weight of an iron ring around his ankle. As long as it remains, and as long as the Big Man hunts him, he’ll never truly be free. But rescuing an orphaned slave child from certain capture gives him the strength to keep moving on, and miraculously, the child’s love and gratitude are all that is needed to destroy the shackle once and for all. This moving, poetic text is based on a story from the sacred literature of Buddha.

Ashley Wolff and Miss Bindergarten

For special events, Miss Bindergarten's publisher has made a full-size Miss Bindergarten costume. To book it, contact Costumer Specialists, 211 N. Fifth St., Columbus, Ohio, (800) 596-9357 and (614)464-2145 or 2114. Costumes need to be booked early. That is Miss Bindergarten's illustrator, Ashley Wolff, with costumed friend.

photo of miss bindergarten doll

Miss Bindergarten doll - from Merry Makers, Inc., Tel: (888) 989-0454, $14.00. 3540 Grand Avenue, Suite 200, Oakland, CA 94610. The Miss B doll is also available from Amazon.com.